IDM launched its own construction arm in 2015 to deliver a number development projects for the group.

Our construction division has a dynamic and flexible approach to each project, meaning we can move quickly through the development cycle from tender and procurement to on-site construction and completion. IDM construction is able to retain full control of each development program it manages and essentially keep a tight reign on the timelines and financials; two fundamental contributors to project success.

The invaluable knowledge of our dedicated team is what really makes this division tick. We have worked hard to create a seamless recipe for success in the building industry and it is down to the experience and knowledge of our team who have continued to learn from each and every project we embark on.

IDM has created a blueprint for its developments, with a solid team that understand, maintain and deliver work that meets our expectations.

IDM Construction complements the full suite of property services that we offer and strives to deliver quality and value to our purchasers and investors alike.

For further information, please call 020 7739 1650 (option 6) to discuss your project requirements.

With our full complement of in-house Contracts Managers, Architects, Commercial Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Technicians and more, we have all we need to ensure that the delivery of our job will come in on time and on budget.
Jonathon Curtis, Director